greg johnson

Greg Johnson hails from Panther Burn, Mississippi; he is the 5th born out of 8 children. Greg grew up watching and helping his mother and father with cooking, both in the kitchen and out on the grill.  As Greg learned how to season and marinate food, he mastered the art of patience in and out of the kitchen as a Southern Gentlemen should.

Greg considers himself a culinary connoisseur and enjoys tasting and preparing various dishes spanning across a plethora of cultures and regions of the world.

Greg's culinary abilities are vast and he especially excels at redeveloping classic meals from scratch with new and unexpected twists! This Southern Gent is on the move and is WOW-ing taste buds with each and every meal he prepares! 

myron oliver

Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Myron Oliver's culinary tastes definitely have a southern barbeque flare. Myron grew up assisting his uncle and other family members prepping and preparing award winning meats for contests all over the mid-south. This unique upbringing provided Myron the opportunity to perfect his own barbeque recipes.

Barbequing for over 20 years, this experienced southern gentleman has definitely earned his culinary stripes as he specializes in chicken wings, steak & ribs.