Steak/Chicken Kabobs: Marinated steak & chicken with pearl onions, peppers and portabella mushrooms
Broccoli Cheese Soup: Thick and creamy cheddar cheese soup with chunks of broccoli florets
Leafy Salad: Leafy greens with onions, tomatoes& croutons

Main Course

BBQ Chicken Wings: Your choice of hot, spicy or sweet juicy barbeque chicken wings
Grilled Chicken: Herb marinated succulent chicken breast
BBQ Chicken: Chicken quarters grilled in spicy-sweet BBQ sauce
Brisket: Premium cut brisket smoked to perfection
Ribs: Finger-licking, unbelievably juicy, baby back ribs grilled in a spicy sweet BBQ sauce. 

Side Ideas

BBQ Beans: BBQ style baked beans with smoked meat
Potato Salad: Classic potato salad
Corn-on-the-Cob: Sweet, buttery corn on the cob
Pasta Salad: Chilled pasta tossed in a savory Italian vinaigrette  
Green Beans: Deliciously seasoned string beans served w/ pork or without